Nina Dobrev talks about the Fans, playing Elena & Katherine and Season 3!

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Check out this new interview of Nina where she talks about the fans of the show, playing Elena & Katherine and what’s coming in the second half of Season 3 which returns on January 5th!

There are fans, and then there are fans of “The Vampire Diaries.” Those latter fans, series star Nina Dobrev insists, can give even the most ardent “Twi-hards” a serious run for their blood-soaked money.

“Our fans seem like they’re a different race, a different species of human being,” Dobrev said. “They’re really cool. They’re united by their love for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), I presume, and for the show. They’re really committed. It’s one of the big pop-culture references these days, and it’s great.

“I have a cousin who’s a couple of years younger than I am. She’s in high school, and she tells me that, if you haven’t watched the show, you don’t really have anything to talk about the next day at school.

“So they’re really, really passionate, and they’ll fly in from everywhere to come to these fan conventions that we sometimes do. We had some kids all the way from Spain and Australia fly to Atlanta at one point to meet us and hang out on set. They’re really committed, and we’re really grateful to all of them.”

Speaking by telephone from the “Vampire Diaries” set in Atlanta as the show gears up for the second half of its third season, Dobrev sounded remarkably modest about her own contributions to the CW network’s popular vampire saga. After all, she’s arguably twice as important as any other actor on the show: She stars as Elena Gilbert, a young human woman torn between the aforementioned Salvatore brothers, vampires Stefan and Damon, but she doesn’t stop there. Since late in Season 1, Dobrev, 22, also has portrayed Katherine Pierce, a vampire who is related to Elena and turned both Salvatores.

“I love playing Elena and Katherine,” Dobrev said, “and it’s been a juggling act more than anything. I, throughout my career – up until now and after this, I’m sure – will be playing many, many different characters, and each character is always going to be a complete 180, a whole new experience. But having to do that on the same show, at the same time, is a first for me.

“I feel like it’s been acting boot camp. I’ve done everything on this show, a lot of things many actors don’t get to do throughout their whole career. So there’s nothing I can’t do or achieve after this.”

“There’s going to be a really big shift,” Dobrev said. “The power has changed, and the leverage is in different places. Klaus, instead of being the ruler and kind of the dictator, is now at the mercy of Stefan. Stefan has what Klaus wants, and he has to do what Stefan wants. Continue Reading…

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