Haly Kont

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Name: Häly
Age: 17
Location: Pärnu
Country: Estonia
Website: http://smaylest.blogspot.com/

- When did you find out about Nina Dobrev? I think that was 2009 when i saw The Vampire Diaries trailer on youtube.
- Why did you become a fan of Nina? Which was the thing that attracted you the most? Because Nina is so talented, beautiful and she can play two different roles on the same show. The thing that attracted me most was that she can play two so different character on the same show and she playing those so well. Oh, and she also sings quite well.
- Do you remember the first time you saw Nina on screen? What did you think? Yes, I remember. It was on The Vampire Diaries pilot episode. The first thing i think: ”Wow, she is better than Kristen”. (I was huge Twilight fan).
- Which is your favorite movie and/or tv series that Nina was in? And why?
Favorite movie is The American Mall, because this was the first time when i saw her singing. And TV show is The Vampire Diaries. And why, i can’t put it into word, it’s just so good TV show. It’s hard to explain.
- What do you do to promote and support Nina?
I have Nina Dobrev Estonian fansite (http://ndobrev.ucoz.com/) and when TVD came out i talk a lot about it, so many of my friends started to watch it.
- Have you ever had the opportunity to meet Nina? Tell us what happened.
Unfortunately not.

- How did you find this site?
I find it thanks to twitter.
- What do you think about the site?
It’s nice, very informative and i love the layout.
- Do you have any comments or suggestions?
I think i don’t have, because this site is perfect.

Thank so much Haly for be the First Fan of the Week here at NDS!